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As we previously shared, Ester is the new (spanish) face for Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat! Before, we shared some pictures from this campaign, and 2 days ago Ester released the official campaign video for Mate & Glow (her instagram). See the (low) quality screencaps over our gallery, that we hope to substitute soon when the high definition video is out.

0003.jpg 0009.jpg 0014.jpg 0027.jpg

Screencaps > Campaigns > 2020 YSL Beauty ‘Mate & Glow’

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As voted by the fans in our twitter, we hereby bring you Tu Hijo screencaps featuring Ester on the small role as Andrea. Enjoy + 200 screencaps from this spanish movie:

0034.jpg 0083.jpg 0173.jpg 0229.jpg

Movie Productions > (2018) Tu Hijo > Screencaps

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We have seen some pictures of Ester for YSL Beauty Spain, but this time the first official photo has appeared. Enjoy the first portrait, now released, as well as a random selection of other pictures taken for this campaign:

000.jpg 004.jpg 010.jpg 012.jpg

 Photoshoots & Portraits > 2020 > 008. YSL

”Me siento muy identificada con una marca como YSL Beauty porque se dirige a mujeres valientes, luchadoras, constantes y libres para ser ellas mismas”

“I identify myself so much with a brand like YSL Beauty, because it addresses to brave women, fighters, constant and free to be themselves ”

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We’ve seen Ester joining some music videos and screencaps from the 4 available are now on our gallery. Follow the links to Ester’s participation on Danna Paola two music videos (Oye Pablo and Contigo), Dvicio (DOSIS) and Nya de la Rubia (Fácil). Two of this videos were made this year, during quarantine so all the filming are by herself!

0041.jpg 0052.jpg 0080.jpg 0124.jpg

0003.jpg 0010.jpg 0002.jpg 0006.jpg 

0010.jpg 0032.jpg 0057.jpg 0069.jpg

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Hello Carla fans! As you know, the long-anticipated screencaps of Elite are now available in our gallery! I have finally updated our gallery with HD screen captures from the whole seasons! As previously announced, Ester won’t return for Season 4. Previews and links below!

0091.jpg 0262.jpg 0016.jpg 0254.jpg

0128.jpg 0041.jpg 0240.jpg 0121.jpg

TV Productions > (2018-2020) Elite

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Ester and the other Elite girls were featured in Cosmopolitan Spain May edition. See in our gallery the full magazine scans and the photoshoot available:

01.png 02.png 03.png 06.png

001.jpg 004.jpg 006.jpg 005.jpg

Magazine Scans > 2020 > MAY: Cosmopolitan ES

Photoshoots & Portraits > 2020 > 002. Cosmopolitan ES

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As first welcome to Ester Expósito Fan we here by share some categories and updates that are now available in our galleryThis is the first update I’m making but more will be uploaded soon. For now enjoy:

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Public Appearances

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Photoshoots & Portraits

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Magazine Scans

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TV Productions > (2018-2020) Elite > Season 1

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