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Once again Ester covers the November issue of ELLE Spain issue! There is, not only a new photoshoot with great outtakes, but also a wonderful interview via video and written available on the Elle official site:

A cute girl who dances reggaeton and performs. A cute 20-year-old girl who takes selfies and dances. A lot of smartphone. Much morrito. Much story. And 25 million followers. That’s what so many people think when they see it. But, in life, you almost always have to swallow prejudices, and with Esther more. After chatting with her, one realizes that she is smart, very smart, with a clear speech, talent and empathy. Analytical, with clear things and always friends. After overwhelming with his charisma in the Elite series , he has just premiered on Netflix ‘Someone has to die’ (on the set he met his partner, Alejandro Speitzer), directed by Manolo Caro, and in December he presents the comedy ‘Mom or Dad’ , along with Paco León and Miren Ibarguren. Full interview here.

‘Sin Filtros’ Video available here.

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“Peace Peace Now Now”, is a documentary series about Latin American women who have survived gender-based violence.

The mexican Yalitza Aparicio prepares her return to productions. The actress, will join Daniela Vega, Ester Expósito and the vocalist of the musical group Garbage, Shirley Manson, in a documentary series that will expose the cases of Latin American women who have suffered violence.

“Peace Peace Now Now”, the name of the project  will have Daniela Vega as executive producer of the documentary series. 

Each of the artists will star in an episode of this four-episode documentary series, revealing the stories of women who have fought against gender-based violence. Daniela Vega will visit “The city of women”, a community made up of women who were displaced by the military conflict in Colombia. 

Finally, the youth sensation of the moment, Ester Expósito, who achieved international fame for her participation in the Netflix series, “Elite”, will have a rapprochement with the Mexican Lydia Cacho, a journalist who now lives in exile in Spain after receiving threats for discover a network of pedophiles by Mexican drug traffickers.

Ester did an amazing job on Netflix’s latest release Someone has to die (Alguien tiene que morir)! She plays Cayetana and you can see screencaps from the 3 episodes on our gallery:

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Ester was featured in another episode of the spanish series Veneno. This short appearance is featured for 3 different scenes which are now available in our gallery:

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Added brand new pictures to Someon Has To Die to our gallery, which premiers in two days over Netflix.

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