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Ester brings life to a digital issue for Glamour Mexico ! With a brand new photoshoot with 18 outtakes, which you can view in the gallery, alongside 3 different covers and digital scans of the available pages, as well as full screencaps from the on set video and interview she made which you can view below. The official magazine site also has the interview in written, which we have translated and made available here as well. She talks about her experience on Elite and newer projects, Someone has to die, also to be distributed by Netflix.

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Since Elite premiered on Netflix in 2018, the world did not known about the great wave of talents that would conquer everyone. The series became one of the most viewed worldwide, and season after season, it gained an impressive number of fans, not forgetting that the actors became characters admired by their fans, with Ester Expósito being one of them.

Ester Expósito is simply fascinating. An intelligent woman, with delicate beauty and subtle charm, but at the same time imposing. She played the role of Carla Rosón Caleruega , better known as “La Marquesita”; an enigmatic, strong character, lover of strategies and a conqueror in every sense of the word. During the three seasons that she appeared, she positioned herself as one of the strongest and most beloved characters, but now ‘Elite’ and Ester Expósito have parted ways, and now she is going for one that certainly looks promising and full of magical things. An example of this is that he will now work with Manolo Caro, in the series ‘Someone has to die’ , also with Netflix .

In this digital cover for, Ester Expósito tells us about her evolution as an actress, how it was to say goodbye to such an emblematic character, and how everything has changed after ‘ Elite ‘, especially her personal philosophy, which she wisely summarizes with these words: “For me it is essential to live in the moment; I don’t want to waste a second of my life. “

Ester Expósito tells us that the most significant changes revolve around maturing and growing. “Before ‘Elite’, I was always a girl who knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to acting … for as long as I can remember. It is the only thing I ever wanted to do. I started my training in theater and since then I have been working very hard to find my way, until that in 2017 I made my first movie (‘When the angels sleep’); Then came ‘Elite’, and my second movie (‘Your son’) … It was all coming. I’m thankful for everything! Especially since it is not an easy profession. There has been a very strong professional change in my life and my daily life after the success of ‘Elite’ but inside I am still that same working girl with the desire to continue learning, with great enthusiasm to grow and work on projects that fill me, contribute and add something new to me. ”

Ester took from herself the characteristics that made Carla an extremely admirable character: “I have learned a lot from Carla, especially everything that has to do with strength. She has to face very difficult and strong situations, but despite that she is able to stay intact and with her struggles so that problems are not noticed on the outside. That has always been very elegant for me; you shouldn’t shit other people about the problems you have … or look for solutions in them. She is in control, her pulse is not shaking and she is clear about things. Those kinds of things have inspired me as a woman and as a person.”

Something that distinguishes this series is its openness to topics not so seen in the past on television, especially when it is taken into account that its audience was adolescent. What does Ester think about this? “That aspect of the series seems somewhat important and special to me. It gives many young people the opportunity to feel identified and not alone. Young people need those kinds of connections, and have references that make us see that we all have the same doubts and problems. When we don’t connect with anything, those feelings of weirdness or strangeness come, and that nobody understands us. ‘Elite’ touches on themes that directly involve the hearts of many people. ”

“I don’t know exactly on a narrative level… but I’m sure I’d like to see more stories of women, made by women. There is still a lot of inequality, and we usually only see actors, directors, screenwriters… We want to see more women acting, directing, writing and filming. We have many stories to tell!”

And what can you tell us about her new series with Manolo Caro?
“Well, I can’t tell you much (for obvious reasons), but I can tell you that it has a little bit of everything: some thriller, some drama… it’s been filmed in a way that I’ve never seen before. When people see it, it will have a huge impact; It is a series that will remain in a unique way in what has been done on television, with a way that will distinguish it ”

And what was the best thing about working with Manolo?
“It’s a lot of fun working with him,” Ester tells us. “We have a rather acid humor, a bit of black humor. We understood each other very well, even in our sarcasms and ironies. It has been an enjoyable process, especially since it has a unique way of telling stories. ” And the rest of the cast? “The cultural mix was very interesting. And that is crucial in the series. Our nationalities are paired with our characters. Alejandro, Cecilia and Isaac play Mexican characters. The cultural offer here feels original and rich, something that was noticed in front of and behind the scenes. There was a beautiful chemistry among the entire team. ”

“I don’t have something planned, or concrete… But I want projects that make me improve as an actress come to me. I am looking for characters that are challenging and force me out of my comfort zone. That everything is something that adds to me, that makes me go up one more step to the interpretative level in a quality story ”. And what makes Ester most proud of her career? “Never giving up. Having everything so clear and my great determination. When I see the past and I remember going to school … it was a bad time, because I was not doing things that would fill me up; It was not what I wanted and they were not going to help me directly for my professional future. It was a very anxious stage; I hated studying, I hated going to class, I was bored all the time. In addition, I think that the educational system is very poorly planned, they do not have anything artistic, nor do they worry about promoting creativity. In the end, I was outraged at the world and wanted to finish that stage to finally work… I see those moments and I feel proud to have overcome them; I did not give up or let them break my illusion of being an actress. I am proud that I didn’t break up and got here. ”

We ended the interview with a reflection exercise: if Ester could talk to her past self … what would she say? “Let her be calm. I like living in the present, living to the fullest … but I can’t help but worry about tomorrow. It overwhelms me! Since I was six I thought about working, but my parents tried to ensure that I had a calm and happy childhood, which I thank them for; there was no need to worry so much about work. With that calm and step by step, I was able to shape my career. And I would also say “Thank you.” Thanks to that Ester from the past, because everything she did has given me a good present .”

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