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And Ester is non-stop!! Now featuring on ELLE Spain, with a brand new photoshoot and interview. For the full video interview follow the link after clicking for more on the full written interview. The video also features a photoshoot peak we will soon upload on our gallery.

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Despite the masks and the social distance, this morning we spent with Ester Expósito went by normally: between laughter, confidences and urban trap rhythms. We talked about many things, including current luxury. But not only of that luxury of jewels that enveloped the actress in sparkles, but of everything that for her truly gives shine to her life.

And it is undeniable that if there is a new jewel in the crown, it is her. Ester Expósito (Madrid, 2000), has become a new queen for the centennial generation. Although she also dominates the territories of millennials thanks to her role as Carla Rosón in Elite , Netflix’s success that no one has missed. Of no generation. And there is no doubt: She reins, on Instagram, where she is already the Spanish with the most followers (23.4m).

She is one of the most promising actresses in our film scene. He moves in that closed circle that the Javis direct with his baton (his last job has come from his hands, thanks to a role in the series of the tumultuous life of La Veneno) but he cannot deny that he likes with each publication he uploads to social networks, they directly exploit. One of the most famous, a video on her Instagram profile dancing to the song ‘El Efecto’ , by Rauw Alejandro and Chencho Corleone, at home, in pajamas. “Let’s go with that Saturday night,” he said.

But outside the networks, Ester Expósito, at 20 years old, can already say that she lives in the world of acting. Despite the fact that her entrance into the cinema was relatively recently (in 2018, with a role in ‘When the angels sleep’ , by Gonzalo Bendala), she has already been crowned as one of the most wanted names. After that, what catapult her emerged: ‘Elite’ , playing the cold and meticulous Carla, but he also participated in ‘Someone has to die’, by Manolo Caro (yes, the creator of ‘La Casa de las Flores’ ) and in ‘Venom’ , will play Machús, a journalist for the television program ‘Tonight we crossed the Mississippi’, under the direction of Los Javis.

Before the cinema and the roles that have shot her to stardom, the actress won several theater awards in Madrid. She participated in ‘ Vis a Vis’ that same year, appeared in the documentary ‘Medical Center’ and we have also seen her in the series ‘I’m alive’ , by TVE, playing Ruth in the first season, in 2017.

She also shines for another of his great passions: dancing. The same one that made her famous video reach 2 million followers in just 24 hours. During the day we spent with her, Ester did not stop dancing. The music she likes? There is no doubt: she likes to dance. And that does not sound like a ready-made phrase, that even the Spotify list that she put in for the session was called like this (‘Perreito’).

And it has rhythm. Much. But it is also delicate. Elegant. Sophisticated. And everything goes together. Hence, it is the new jewel in the crown … and also of Bvlgari, a signature of which it is an image. The last of her achievements from her long list.

Yes, we had a little chat with her. We talk about luxury, about special jewels, about happiness and the beautiful similarities and puns that these two things can give of themselves in life. And the actress is clear: “for me, the luxury is being able to live my life doing what I like the most, which is acting … and it is not easy” , she confessed.

And despite the fact that she also declares herself a fan of chokers, that her earrings are crazy (she always wears her ears full of details) and that with the rings she loses herself… luxury is also being happy. And with the meteoric career ahead, a brilliant happiness awaits her.

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