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Ester is already on the list for a brand new spanish project! Papá o Mamá is in pre-production and has added Ester as one of the main characters. This new movie, is a remake from the 2015 french original by the same name (Papa ou maman). Release is supposed to be December 4th 2020 via Atres Media (the same streaming for Veneno) and filming has already started which lasts 7 weeks between Madrid and Tenerife.

The movie portraits a family where the parents divorce is the smallest problem. It’s a family movie where you can see e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in this new comedy.

Co-stars: Miguel Fernández, Eva Ugarte, Berto Romero, Pedro Casablanc, Mari Paz Sayago and Mamen García.

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