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Ester is non-stop! She covers La Vanguardia with a brand new photoshoot and interview. Once again, this photoshoot has surfaced with a new photoshoot video

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Few actresses have achieved so much in such a short time. Ester Exposito , small size, big eyes, feline gaze, round mouth, elegant bearing and well-organized head, has become, at 20 , the essential face of the moment . With 25 million followers on her Instagram account , thanks to the sinuous Carla of the already unquestionable Elite series , who kill for commenting on what she is wearing, she has a handful of films to her credit, to which she will join this Christmas the comedy Mamá o Dad , with Paco León. She ends a year by premiering two series at the same time: the one about the famous Poison and Someone Has to Die , under the command of Manolo Caro, director of the colorful La casa de las flores . Above all, she has a lot to say and she does so with the ease of an excellent conversationalist, who never lacks the word she is looking for.

With the one they have involved in the Caro series, will it be enough for only one to die?

(Laughs) I’m not sure. But I think it is still not enough. When Manolo told me about this project, more than a year ago, and he told me the story, what the character would be like, and who would be in the cast, I said yes right away and I thank him infinitely for giving me the opportunity to work with people I admire so much. They are characters from several generations and cultures, in a Spanish postwar history, in the mid-fifties, which he has been able to bring together in a story full of nooks and crannies. And the script seemed sublime to me.

Represents a character with many layers …

The ones I like the most. This is impulsive, emotional, irrational, who does not analyze things before doing them. If you feel something or think something, you go for it. Everything is the result of his immaturity and that he is part of the privileged side; The one who won the war and can do practically whatever he wants, as long as he doesn’t go too far outside the norms of what is expected of a wealthy girl. She is used to having everything and, therefore, she is quite capricious and does not consider the consequences of her actions, she is not empathetic, she does not put herself in the shoes of others …

A character …

It is that, in addition, the brown bundle. It has a double face; On the one hand, she is curious and wants to experiment, but then in front of the adults she maintains that image of a vase woman, complacent, all smiles facing the gallery, which was what a young woman was supposed to have at that time if she wanted to marrying well, which in this case, as in so many, is his great aspiration. It’s very attractive.

Do you understand it well?

Of course, although it has nothing to do with me. I am an outright feminist. That is not qualifiable. Feminism basically pursues equality between men and women. The older I am, the more I realize how necessary it is to continue fighting for this at a real and practical level, on a day-to-day basis.

In ‘La Veneno’, he has to represent a real character: the journalist Machús Osinaga. Does that have an added value?

I do not think so. May be. What happens is that you prepare it differently. In this case, watching videos of Tonight, we crossed into Mississipi . And there are some great of her in which you can see how fluent she had and how well she managed in any situation. I have felt especially identified with her because when you are very young, but smart, there are people who perceive you as a threat. Something close to that has ever happened to me. For that reason, and for working with the Javis who couldn’t be more fun while being dedicated to work and more focused, I signed up for the project without thinking twice.

Does she look more heroic or more villainous?

Phew! Villain. Oh, I don’t know! Villain. They are for something. Heroines tend to be much flatter. They are good because yes. The bad ones are for something. Since I was a child I saw them in the movies and wanted to be like them, because they feed on the gray scale. For them, things are not black or white. They are more interesting to play. You can even like them if you can understand them. And they change more easily. I don’t like to think of those characters in negative / positive terms. I like those who are neither good nor bad. I prefer they have a little of everything. And it is what has fallen to me so far. I have been lucky enough to be able to play characters with different colors and shades.

The Carla from ‘Elite’, to whom she owes her popularity, is like this …

Exact. It is the perfect example of the duality that I love. He does great things and then shits badly. He is a better person than he seems; I admire his determination to protect his people and I like that he suffered even if he hid it under a shell of ice. A villain, which is not so much.

And that has brought you 25 million followers in the social network of photos, is it a great responsibility?

Absolutely. Could be it; I could weigh myself down and measure each comment so as not to screw up or push anyone to share my opinion. But I don’t have twitter, which is where the controversy is. To those who follow me on Instagram, I thank you for being attentive to my career and for sending me your love every day. For me it is also a tool for expression and work. A small showcase of a part of our life. But I am very clear that what is shown there is not reality, nor can it be because, to begin with, nobody uploads a photo when they have a bad day, crying as if there was no tomorrow. We only share the good, of course. We are never as handsome as on Instagram or as happy. I don’t want to feel compelled to upload a photo of everything I do. It would be a tremendous slavery. I take it more relaxed, otherwise,

Has given him some displeasure …

It is normal, when you are a public figure and also if you are a woman, because this thing about the media appearing questioning whether or not your beauty is natural or you have had I don’t know how many operations, it doesn’t happen to them, only to us. I have nothing against cosmetic surgery, but I do have my image used to gain clicks on web pages where directly false headlines are inserted, invented and therefore impossible to verify or contrast. That they use me to promote certain operations is a deception. And I have found it in accounts of supposed professionals or aesthetic centers. As it is false that I had surgery, deep down I do not care so much because I know very well what the reality is, but it annoys me that people are deceived using my image. Total, I got stung.

Are you worried about the addiction to the mobile that they have been warning us about?

Is very dangerous. Some days it’s the last thing I look at before going to sleep and the first thing I check upon waking up, like most. Especially people my age. And of course, if you think about it, we miss so many things by being hooked all day … There are times when I self-regulate and force myself to quit when I think I’ve been too long, longer than I consider healthy. I try to control it and get it into my head that it is nothing more than a very useful tool and not the only entertainment.

On the other hand, now it’s like there’s a ‘paparazzi’ on every corner …

Like we can’t get enough of the real ones. Some people think that when you are an actor or actress that anyone can take a picture of you, they give it to you with the uniform and that is not the case. Generally, whoever steals a photo does not value the talent or the quality of what you may have done; he just wants to be able to show the famous person on the phone on his mobile. It’s like a negative side effect of that number of followers that come into your life when you work on a successful series for a platform with international reach. Many are interested in your work and others just that you are known. The same happens on the street. I am very lucky to have the former, and what the latter do, whether I like it or not, I can’t help it. The reality is that now it is easier for you to run out of privacy.

Let’s talk about other photos: the ones taken on the red carpet. Most value your good taste. Do you think you have found your style?

My connection to fashion is natural and carefree; I have not been trained, but it is a world that interests me. I consider it another form of expression, such as makeup or hairstyling. I like to play with the three things until I find a look that, in some way, says something about me. Not everything is frivolity in this field. I have an incredible team that supports me in these games , with which I feel very comfortable. I am interested in elegance, but always with a sexy touch. I really enjoy that time of getting ready and preparing to show myself at a public event. I do consider that it has to do with my profession.

Has your appearance, your beauty been good for your launch?

I do not know. For me it is important, but it is not something that I value or what I look at when choosing a character. That is never a priority because there Ester disappears and another person with the characteristics of the one who has commissioned me has to flow. I do not know if it has helped me, but, in any case, in this profession the image has always mattered a lot, perhaps more in the case of women, and I think that this should be given less scope and more to hard work, to determination , to training, to perseverance when going from casting to casting so that they say no. I didn’t get here, they saw my face and everything came at once. That is not like that.

So successful, so young. Do I think you are managing it well?

Sometimes he makes a play on you. Nothing is rosy; neither fame nor success, but neither can I complain. It is a profession in which very few of us can make a living from our work. That you do well is even more difficult. I feel very fortunate to be able to work on projects that I am choosing carefully, that fulfill me and in which I have the privilege of working with very interesting people to learn from. There are things that I miss from my previous life and there are days when I shit on everything, like everyone else, but it is not fair that I complain when I am lucky enough to dedicate myself to my passion and to be able to choose my characters, because this is not usually the case. And I can reject projects that do not fill me or that I do not find the spark or even rest a season if I am saturated. Of course you can feel the pressure;


I do not think so. I intend to live on this forever and little else. I want to make more cinema, I have only had three films, go back to doing theater like when I was a teenager and that is something that makes you grow a lot as an actress. Since it is a profession, you never stop learning. I want to get as high as I can and try to have an impeccable track record, but I don’t set specific goals for myself, really.

As well, now you don’t have to go to Hollywood to be known around the world …

Exact. In any case, I have never had that goal. If something arises, of course, but as if it happens anywhere else. I want to work outside of Spain, as long as it is a quality project with challenging and provocative characters. But I’m not going to move anywhere although I want to know all types of productions and cultures.

Don’t tell me that since I was little I wanted to be an actress …

(Laughter) Yes, I know we all say it, but it is a reality for me. What I am clear about is that there has never been a moment in my life when I wanted to dedicate myself to something other than being the vehicle for stories to be told. Since I was a child I have done theater and, although my parents did not let me take tests as a child because they wanted me to have a normal childhood, which I thank them for, they have always supported me and when I had a certain maturity and could combine my studies with this endeavor of mine , we got a representative and I was doing little things until with 17 two films came in a row: Your son  and When the angels sleep . And then Elite and nonstop until now. They have been very sweet years on a professional level. Meteoric. Crazy happy.

Don’t you think sometimes that what can limit you right now in your youth?

Certainly, but I think that this disease passes. At the age of 20, the registration of characters is limited and more if you are a woman. Unfortunately, most of the stories are still about men and for men and we are left with satellite papers that revolve around them. That has to change. I would like to see more women putting together stories that put us at the center of the scene, working on all levels. So far I have been lucky and I have been able to avoid them, but we all know that there is almost virgin territory there because a large part of the female world remains to be told.

Is living a situation as complex as the current one helping you?

I want to think that everything works for an interpreter, but it is being very hard. It is a very drastic change in our lives. I had a tremendous rhythm; non-stop. I was not prepared to lock myself at home and not work. I missed a lot of people, like everyone, but now that we can go out and work in controlled environments everything is better, although I can’t wait for it to end. I feel enormous helplessness when I think about the families who are having a hard time not only because of the disease; for the economic also. It distresses me to think how far all this is going to go and that, at least, it allows us all to do our work and survive in a dignified way.

In the end, the adaptability of human beings is surprising …

Which is what has always saved us and made us evolve. However, it would be very important that in difficult moments we could demonstrate that “unity is strength” is a great truth. It should have been much older. In any case, it is one of the most admirable things about human beings: how they are able to resurface in spite of everything.


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