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And as the year ends, Ester still gives her all and finds time for another interview and a new photoshoot with 2 brand new pictures for El Pais.

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‘Elite’ has turned Ester Exposito into a television phenomenon, but also Instagram: turned into the most followed Spanish on the platform, her exposure has brought her many joys but has also caused her image to catch clicks and sell hundreds of things, sometimes, to her regret, one of Ester Exposito’s first roles was at age 15, playing the protagonist’s wife in a theatrical adaptation of The Truman Show for which the actress won several awards. This character’s job, aside from playing the wife of a man who didn’t know she was starring in a reality show, was to show the camera household products while listing sponsored slogans. Five years later, Exposito who has a global audience (it is the Spanish with the most followers on Instagram: 26 million) and who signs advertising agreements, but not with detergent brands but with luxury firms such as Yves Saint Laurent or Bulgari.  “With makeup, wearing a mask on the red carpet is complicated. You want to be perfect for the photos and my makeup artist told me that I couldn’t put the mask on, so they made me a special one with the same fabric as the dress, ”she explains. The next day, the Internet analyzed every detail of her look, from her (sponsored) jewelry to her long ponytail (“Fall’s hairstyle,” according to Vogue). Because the most promoted phenomenon in Spain in 2020 is Ester Exposito, who has just premiered her second series on Netflix after Elite, Someone has to die. Watching this actress seems to be the only thing that Spain has agreed on this year.

What secret magic attracts 26 million followers? Do not look for the answer in Exposito. “It is that I have no idea. My Instagram is not aesthetically cared for. Nor is it that I do not upload ugly photos. I really like photography, so I use it a lot to upload photos for reports and covers. It’s a showcase for me, but I don’t think of it ”, she assures. In April the actress uploaded an 18-second video in which she came out dancing reggaeton shaking her hips in a way that no white woman knew how to do when she was born. In a month it went viral until it became the most viewed video in Instagram history worldwide with 57 million views, surpassing one of Kylie Jenner from 2016. When she analyzes her own public image, Exposito sometimes claims not to give it much thought and others admit taking care of every detail. “I wonder if I like the photo enough to upload it, I wonder what I show with that photo … But then in the end I don’t think about it anymore because they won’t know me through my Instagram. I am much more than what I show there, the best of me people do not see and the worst neither. Everything that is seen is true, but it is not the whole truth ”, she clarifies.

One imagines that Ester Exposito lives surrounded by people, but at least she came alone to meet Icon. She got coffee, sat down to chat, and never once looked at her cell phone. Being born in Madrid in 2000, Exposito does not know the world without social networks. That is why it naturally assumes that this massive exposure is a hazard of the trade. “As I have always wanted to be an actress and go far, I knew that fame would be a side effect if I did very well. What is happening to me was my dream, I am living off my work ”, she confesses. Following her departure from the series that brought her fame, Elite, however, has opted for small roles in Venom and Mom or Dad. The first plays with the expectations of the audience: Exposito looks like an unscrupulous climb but in the end it is revealed that she is nothing more than a professional with a dream. The second was shot because Dani de la Orden, Elite director, asked her to: “I trust him a lot and I knew he would help me get my comic vision out,” she explains. And suddenly she had to confine herself and put on hiatus an agenda that she hadn’t stopped in two years. “It was horrible. I have lived with anxiety since before fame. I am always in a hurry. I fell very low, I had daily anxiety, I did not know where to go. I need a lot of activity, I love working and I missed it ”.

Returning to her job means filming, collaborating with luxury brands and uploading stories like the one in which she thanked J Balvin for mentioning her in his song Una locura (“Dime cuál es tu propósito, ¿que vea tus vídeos como Ester Expósito”? ) for your millionaire audience. After all, a story by the actress has more audience than any television commercial in prime time. The Exposito phenomenon is such that even Carmen Maura was intrigued to find out what all the fuss is about and ended up seeing two entire seasons of Elite in a few days during the filming of Someone has to die.




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