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With two brand new interviews and photoshoots, Ester shows us, once again, that she wants to reach stardom!

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magazine scans > 2020 > dec: hola

photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 031. hola


At twenty, she is the actress of the moment. After triumphing as the protagonist in the Elite series, Ester Exposito has not stopped adding productions to her filmography. Venom and Someone has to die have been her latest projects on the small screen, but her resume has many other successes, such as becoming an ambassador for the Bulgari house. With the high jewelery pieces from this exclusive firm, the Madrilenian poses at FASHION December turned into a 3.0 diva and demonstrating something she told us months ago: she loves fashion and beauty. Discover this beautiful report and the accompanying interview in the new magazine, now on sale for only 1.90 euros.


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magazine scans > 2020 > dec: s moda

photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 033. s moda


Thank you to our favorite Maria Pedraza fansite for the scan donations.

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