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We have added new pictures to our gallery from two 2019 events:

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public appearances > 2019 > oct 09: icon magazine awards 2019

public appearances > 2019 > nov 08: los40 music awards 2019

Ester covers the mexican magazine version of L’Officiel with a wonderful new photoshoot and interview.

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 photoshoots & portraits > 2021 > 005. l’officiel mexico

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magazine scans > 2021 > mar: l’officiel mexico

Ester was awarded by MIM Series with their Premio Joven Talento (young talent award) . She also gave an interview which you can view here. The award was given for considering her, despite her youth, and precisely for that reason, a benchmark of our most current serial fiction, who lives with phenomena like her, a moment of heyday and unprecedented international recognition that goes beyond traditional formats, opening a new path to the future of their series. This award recognizes emerging talent and is committed to the young values ​​that will mark the future of our serial fiction.

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photoshoots & portraits > 2021 > 006. mim series

Ester has been one of the 5 choosen actresses to be featured on Omar Ayyashi exposition which will be available from February 11 to March 14 in Madrid (Real Jardin Botanico). This project aims for gender equality 5th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) set by the United Nations in its 2030.

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photoshoots & portraits > 2021 > 004. n5 exposition

Ester shines on Grazia’s new cover released this month, February. Enjoy the new photoshoot as well as interview:

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magazine scans > 2021 > feb grazia it

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photoshoots & portraits > 2021 > 003. grazia it

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screencaps > photoshoots > on set 2021: grazia it

Ester dyed her hair brown for the February cover of 2021 Bello Mag. Ester Expósito: Maintaining Her Fire Within full interview below the cut:

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photoshoots & portraits > 2021 > 001. bello mag

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magazine scans > 2021 > feb: bello mag


When you know what you want to do with the rest of your life, there is nothing nor no one that can ever stop the fire burning within you. Now, imagine that flame lighting within you at a young age…You see your path and you just go for it, fearlessly. For Ester Expósito, la Marquesa in the blood-pumping Spanish series, ELITE, it was at the age of four that she knew she wanted to become an actress. Just like her character in the show, she knew what she wanted and would not back down from achieving her dream.