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A few days ago Ester attended a Bvlgari event and stunned in, not only a beautiful dress, but with a super long hair style!! Enjoy:

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public appearances > 2020 > sep 14: bulgari barocco

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screencaps > campaigns > 2020: bvlgari barocco

She also features the brand official video for the event:


Last year, Ester and the rest of the Elite cast were photographed for Polo Ralph Lauren and finally the pictures (and videos) have been released:

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photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 019. polo ralph lauren

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screencaps > campaigns > 2020. polo ralph lauren #1

See the brand official site to buy her looks here!

Alguien Tiene Que Morir will premiere on Netflix, October 16!! Here’s the first teaser, promotional pictures and production stills. Not to forget that this mini series only has 3 episodes.

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tv productions > (2020) someone has to die > production stills

tv productions > (2020) someone has to die > promotional pictures

Thank you to FarFarAway site for most of this pictures.

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tv productions > (2020) someone has to die > trailer #1



Ester has been featured in another YSL Beauty campaign with a much cooler look 😉 Thank you to Victor Blanco (Ester’s stylist)  for the teaser which we hope to see in full soon:

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screencaps > campaigns > 2020. ysl beauty #3

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photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 017. ysl beauty #3


Note: When the full campaign is released we will substitute the current screencaps available on the YSL Beauty #3 album.

The previous ad was a simple cut from the full edition of 1:40 campaign video. Enjoy the full screencaps from this new version shared by Elle ES:

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screencaps > campaigns > 2020 ysl beauty ‘mate & glow’ #2

And there’s a third photoshoot!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the new photshoots, as they are being safely made (seeing the crew with all the protective gear). This time Ester dressed as lady in red and brings bright to our eyes with a water related photoshoot. Enjoy the pictures now in our gallery as well as the interview below the cut and the video from the Instyle youtube’s page.

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photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 014. instyle es

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magazine scans > 2020 > jul: instyle es

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screencaps > photoshoots > on set: 2020 instyle es

She is one of the young actresses with the most projection in Spain and it shows: she goes for it all. The ‘Elite’ star opens the summer at InStyle with a most refreshing cover and tells us where her professional career is pointing (with a guarantee of success).
We met her for her role as ‘Carla’ in the Elite series , one of Netflix’s greatest youth hits. Now the time has come to say goodbye to this character to get into other lives. “It was a bittersweet feeling: you are saying goodbye to a project that has given you everything, with which you have been very happy and have grown, and at the same time you need to leave,” acknowledges the actress. And is that the future looks very good: after participating in Veneno, to premiere Someone Has To Die , by Manolo Caro, and with well-known actresses such as Carmen Maura.

For the cover of the July issue of InStyle, at your kiosk and closest point of sale starting Friday, June 19, Ester has dressed in red in a swimming pool photo shoot that opens that summer we all long for.
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