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The previous ad was a simple cut from the full edition of 1:40 campaign video. Enjoy the full screencaps from this new version shared by Elle ES:

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And there’s a third photoshoot!! We couldn’t be more pleased with the new photshoots, as they are being safely made (seeing the crew with all the protective gear). This time Ester dressed as lady in red and brings bright to our eyes with a water related photoshoot. Enjoy the pictures now in our gallery as well as the interview below the cut and the video from the Instyle youtube’s page.

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She is one of the young actresses with the most projection in Spain and it shows: she goes for it all. The ‘Elite’ star opens the summer at InStyle with a most refreshing cover and tells us where her professional career is pointing (with a guarantee of success).
We met her for her role as ‘Carla’ in the Elite series , one of Netflix’s greatest youth hits. Now the time has come to say goodbye to this character to get into other lives. “It was a bittersweet feeling: you are saying goodbye to a project that has given you everything, with which you have been very happy and have grown, and at the same time you need to leave,” acknowledges the actress. And is that the future looks very good: after participating in Veneno, to premiere Someone Has To Die , by Manolo Caro, and with well-known actresses such as Carmen Maura.

For the cover of the July issue of InStyle, at your kiosk and closest point of sale starting Friday, June 19, Ester has dressed in red in a swimming pool photo shoot that opens that summer we all long for.
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And Ester is non-stop!! Now featuring on ELLE Spain, with a brand new photoshoot and interview. For the full video interview follow the link after clicking for more on the full written interview. The video also features a photoshoot peak we will soon upload on our gallery.

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Despite the masks and the social distance, this morning we spent with Ester Expósito went by normally: between laughter, confidences and urban trap rhythms. We talked about many things, including current luxury. But not only of that luxury of jewels that enveloped the actress in sparkles, but of everything that for her truly gives shine to her life.

And it is undeniable that if there is a new jewel in the crown, it is her. Ester Expósito (Madrid, 2000), has become a new queen for the centennial generation. Although she also dominates the territories of millennials thanks to her role as Carla Rosón in Elite , Netflix’s success that no one has missed. Of no generation. And there is no doubt: She reins, on Instagram, where she is already the Spanish with the most followers (23.4m).

She is one of the most promising actresses in our film scene. He moves in that closed circle that the Javis direct with his baton (his last job has come from his hands, thanks to a role in the series of the tumultuous life of La Veneno) but he cannot deny that he likes with each publication he uploads to social networks, they directly exploit. One of the most famous, a video on her Instagram profile dancing to the song ‘El Efecto’ , by Rauw Alejandro and Chencho Corleone, at home, in pajamas. “Let’s go with that Saturday night,” he said.

Ester brings life to a digital issue for Glamour Mexico ! With a brand new photoshoot with 18 outtakes, which you can view in the gallery, alongside 3 different covers and digital scans of the available pages, as well as full screencaps from the on set video and interview she made which you can view below. The official magazine site also has the interview in written, which we have translated and made available here as well. She talks about her experience on Elite and newer projects, Someone has to die, also to be distributed by Netflix.

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Since Elite premiered on Netflix in 2018, the world did not known about the great wave of talents that would conquer everyone. The series became one of the most viewed worldwide, and season after season, it gained an impressive number of fans, not forgetting that the actors became characters admired by their fans, with Ester Expósito being one of them.

Ester Expósito is simply fascinating. An intelligent woman, with delicate beauty and subtle charm, but at the same time imposing. She played the role of Carla Rosón Caleruega , better known as “La Marquesita”; an enigmatic, strong character, lover of strategies and a conqueror in every sense of the word. During the three seasons that she appeared, she positioned herself as one of the strongest and most beloved characters, but now ‘Elite’ and Ester Expósito have parted ways, and now she is going for one that certainly looks promising and full of magical things. An example of this is that he will now work with Manolo Caro, in the series ‘Someone has to die’ , also with Netflix .

In this digital cover for, Ester Expósito tells us about her evolution as an actress, how it was to say goodbye to such an emblematic character, and how everything has changed after ‘ Elite ‘, especially her personal philosophy, which she wisely summarizes with these words: “For me it is essential to live in the moment; I don’t want to waste a second of my life. “

As we previously shared, Ester is the new (spanish) face for Yves Saint Laurent Touch Eclat! Before, we shared some pictures from this campaign, and 2 days ago Ester released the official campaign video for Mate & Glow (her instagram). See the (low) quality screencaps over our gallery, that we hope to substitute soon when the high definition video is out.

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