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Ester was awarded by MIM Series with their Premio Joven Talento (young talent award) . She also gave an interview which you can view here. The award was given for considering her, despite her youth, and precisely for that reason, a benchmark of our most current serial fiction, who lives with phenomena like her, a moment of heyday and unprecedented international recognition that goes beyond traditional formats, opening a new path to the future of their series. This award recognizes emerging talent and is committed to the young values ​​that will mark the future of our serial fiction.

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Ester shines on Grazia’s new cover released this month, February. Enjoy the new photoshoot as well as interview:

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Ester features on Woman Madame Figaro to promote her campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. Added the magazine scan to the gallery as well as new outtakes to the gallery as well as new screencaps from a 2nd version of the Mate & Glow campaign:

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The first trailer for Mamá o Papá has been released! The movie will be distributed by Warner Bros and is due to be released in cinemas on December 18th. The official song from the movie has also been released in video format and contains small bits on Ester’s role:

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Ester is non-stop! She covers La Vanguardia with a brand new photoshoot and interview. Once again, this photoshoot has surfaced with a new photoshoot video

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Few actresses have achieved so much in such a short time. Ester Exposito , small size, big eyes, feline gaze, round mouth, elegant bearing and well-organized head, has become, at 20 , the essential face of the moment . With 25 million followers on her Instagram account , thanks to the sinuous Carla of the already unquestionable Elite series , who kill for commenting on what she is wearing, she has a handful of films to her credit, to which she will join this Christmas the comedy Mamá o Dad , with Paco León. She ends a year by premiering two series at the same time: the one about the famous Poison and Someone Has to Die , under the command of Manolo Caro, director of the colorful La casa de las flores . Above all, she has a lot to say and she does so with the ease of an excellent conversationalist, who never lacks the word she is looking for.

With the one they have involved in the Caro series, will it be enough for only one to die?

And Vogue presents us with a brand new editorial and interview featuring Ester.

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Ester Exposito is one of those personalities whose attention comes naturally. The Spanish actress seems to be unconcerned about the virality of her publications. Instead, it is in favor of equality of gender in the industry, she says that in this jobs she never stops learning and decided to enjoy life to the fullest. The mysterious quality of Exposito not only seduces through her publications, her speech – for her part – is firm about what seems important to her.

Exclusively, Vogue México y Latinoamérica talks with Ester Exposito about her ideals, her vision and how she wants to forge herself in this industry. With the intention of acting since she was a child, she began taking drama classes and participating in different projects and competitions. Her big break came with her first movie, When Angels Sleep , and later with her role as Carla Rosón on the Netflix series Elite . This latest project and the media impact it represented were followed by films such as Your Son and more recently, Someone has to die. Among her future projects are one related to the feminist theme and a comedy by Daniela Orden with Paco León and Miren Ibarguren that will be released this December.