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During the last two weeks we’ve ran into several new and oldies magazine scans that include Ester! Enjoy:

002.png 001.png
002.png003.png 001.png 003.png


magazine scans > 2020 > aug 14: la prensa amiga+ vivir

magazine scans > 2018 > dec: mujer hoy

magazine scans > 2020 > mar 16: la verdad

magazine scans > 2019 > sep 11: expressiones

magazine scans > 2019 > aug: mujer hoy

magazine scans > 2019 > nov 10: xl semanal

Thank you for Ester Brasil for the tip on this two brand new photos of Ester while promoting for Ralph Lauren. This were shared by Polo Ralph Lauren Seoul official page. We hope soon new high quality version will surface the web, but for now, only low resolutions are available:

001.jpg 002.jpg 

photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 019. polo ralph lauren

Ester is the new face for Bvlgari #Barocko jewelry ! A new picture has surfaced the web and soon we should have the full advertisement as well.

photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 018. bvlgari

The soon to be released Someone Has To Die has released the first production still from this new Netflix production. It should be released soon and already has an official page.


tv productions > (2020) someone has to die > production stills

Ester has been featured in another YSL Beauty campaign with a much cooler look 😉 Thank you to Victor Blanco (Ester’s stylist)  for the teaser which we hope to see in full soon:

001.jpg 008.jpg 012.jpg 015.jpg

screencaps > campaigns > 2020. ysl beauty #3

001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg

photoshoots & portraits > 2020 > 017. ysl beauty #3


Note: When the full campaign is released we will substitute the current screencaps available on the YSL Beauty #3 album.


Ester is out and about in Rome, and paparazzi got a few shots of her!

0002.jpg 0010.jpg 0014.jpg 0019.jpg

misc > jun 07: out and about in rome