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Today is the day Ester celebrates 21 years! Congratulations!!

Ester dyed her hair brown for the February cover of 2021 Bello Mag. Ester Expósito: Maintaining Her Fire Within full interview below the cut:

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When you know what you want to do with the rest of your life, there is nothing nor no one that can ever stop the fire burning within you. Now, imagine that flame lighting within you at a young age…You see your path and you just go for it, fearlessly. For Ester Expósito, la Marquesa in the blood-pumping Spanish series, ELITE, it was at the age of four that she knew she wanted to become an actress. Just like her character in the show, she knew what she wanted and would not back down from achieving her dream.

Thank you for joining us in the adventure may 2021 be as generous on Ester’s career as 2020 was!!

One lucky person can get the official jacket as worn by Ester Exposito on Elite for the role of Carla. The starting bid was 500€ and is now at 700€. The auction ends tomorrow and all profits go to Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (AECC). Click here to see how the bidding is going.

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Ester features on Woman Madame Figaro to promote her campaign for Yves Saint Laurent. Added the magazine scan to the gallery as well as new outtakes to the gallery as well as new screencaps from a 2nd version of the Mate & Glow campaign:

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Ester made an appearance on the 16th to premiere her newest voice work on Renaceres. She wore a beautiful dress suit alike by Balmain and sandals by René Caovilla and jewelry by Bulgari.

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